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Tête-à-Tête Tuesday – Own Your Personal Brand on Social Media

Tête-à-Tête Tuesday

STUDIO’elle is opening her doors to Women Leaders to get the inside scoop on their thoughts, ideas, dreams & a few industry tips. The idea is to continue to energize & elevate us to be our best selves both personally and in biz. STUDIO’elle is dedicated to creating a safe space for women to connect, grow, educate, and be!

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 Our Guest

Faith Wachter is an independent social media consultant for small businesses and nonprofits. She’s guilty of “eating for the Insta” and posts way too many food pictures. She does NOT have a Finsta.

The Share

Your Story is an essential part of your Personal Brand. Your brand should tell your story and represent who you are to the world. It’s YOUR story, so OWN IT.

Your social media presence should reflect your brand and add dimension to your story. Yes, social media can be entertaining and fun; but now potential employers and clients are looking at your Facebook and Instagram accounts. It’s important to keep your social media “clean” and reflective of the brand story you want to tell for yourself.

The good news is you can still participate in social media without compromising your personal brand—if you OWN IT and take responsibility for what you post online.

3 Tips to Own Your Personal Brand

Be consistent with your nomenclature and visuals on all your accounts. Your Facebook Page Name, Twitter and Instagram handles, email address, etc. should all reflect the same brand story and messaging. If “@partygurrl” or “@Wakanda4evah” is not part of your personal brand, change it. Your profile picture and cover picture should also be consistent with your personal brand, so invest in a high quality professional portrait. No blurry snapshots or duck face selfies.

Audit and curate your content. Go back and analyze all of your posts, comments, and groups and business brands that you follow on social. Delete anything that doesn’t reinforce your personal brand. Yes, this includes the drunken college bar pics, the trashy memes, and the quizzes that show what you’d look like as a man. Politically-charged posts can have an unintended outcome, so limit them. Adjust your account privacy settings to control how you’re tagged and specify who sees your content. Know that once you publish that post or picture, that content is no longer private; regardless of your settings. Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want a potential employer or client to see. When in doubt, just don’t.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile will rank at the top of Google search, so use every section to creatively add depth to your personal brand! Get rid of the resume-type language, and tell your story with visuals, links, and projects. Stuff your Summary section with keywords (not jargon!) that will attract your ideal employer or client. When requesting Recommendations, ask your colleagues to speak directly to personal attributes that help reinforce your personal brand. And of course, make sure to include a fabulous profile picture that’s consistent with the rest of your social presence.

Social media was originally designed for interaction and connection with friends and family, and it can still serve that purpose. You can still send goofy Snaps to your friends and have fun with filters—and you should! If the thought of editing your social media pains you, create a separate account that’s purely for personal use. Lock down your privacy settings with the knowledge that your posts are never 100% private.

Meanwhile, these guidelines ensure that your social presence is amplifying Your Personal Brand story every step of the way.

Thanks Faith!  Next month we’ll hear from the woman behind EMERGE MD – training women for politics.

Stay tuned….