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From Summer to Fall 2017


Profession’elle Shoots in November


Wow! This summer has flown by and now its the middle of October.
Profession’elle shoots continue, October 19th and November 9th.  November 9th is booking. So visit eventbrite for more information.
Profession’elle shoots are a chance for you to up your game professionally with a new look, a new brand, a positive representation of yourself and they make you feel wonderful!

What I’ve been up to

This summer I traveled through out Europe with my family and returned for a very booked September. This October the studio is gearing up for some exciting events!
A call for women crafters and makers will start soon and January 2018 is gonna be HOT. Well, actually the weather will be cold, but inside the studio lots of action will be taking place. I can’t wait to tell you more and I will in time…