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Baseball in Cuba

Many Howard County kids grow up with a world of opportunity at their doorstep. With their comfortable homes, first-rate
schools and sports and cultural activities that foster development, too often the county’s youth may not realize that others their age don’t have it quite so good. That truth is a big part of the reasoning behind a trip that mothers and their teenage sons recently took to Cuba. The group used the common thread of baseball as a conduit of goodwill.

In all, 11 boys from the county, most part of the Western Howard County Renegade travel team, visited Cuba in February to take part in a baseball cultural exchange program. In addition to playing several games against Cuban peers in various parts of the country, the boys visited schools and neighborhoods, distributing around 600 pounds of donated equipment and school supplies that they’d brought from the U.S.
The trip was the brainchild of the boys’ coach, 54-year-old John Roschella of Cooksville. “I wanted the boys to have an experience that went beyond just baseball and included an aid project and cultural exchange,” Roschella explains. “Cuba was appealing since it was recently opened to Americans.”

While Roschella got the project off the ground, it was the teens and their mothers who took care of much of the planning, fundraising and trip coordination.

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